Fabworx is a registered trademark of Fabworx Solutions, Inc.

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About Fabworx​

Fabworx began with a core idea. OEMs had long overlooked the quality of the robots critical to their tools, and fabs were suffering as a result. The robots were unreliable, inconsistent, and major particle sources. As the industry pushed to smaller process sizes, those problems became increasingly costly and detrimental to fab performance. Fabworx set out to design better.

Today, Fabworx's mechanical design, applications and quality engineering, and manufacturing professionals work with customers to tackle the complex issues hindering their operations, offering an array of Fabworx solutions focused on CVD, PVD, Epi, Etch, and RTP process toolsets. When a customer has an unique problem requiring a novel approach, Fabworx works hand-in-hand to research and develop a solution.

From 0.35 microns to 5 nanometers, for the past fifteen years Fabworx’s products and services have upgraded customers’ fabrication tools, increasing equipment lifetimes, improving wafer repeatability, enhancing throughput, and reducing particle generation. Based in Austin, Texas, Fabworx supports its customers across the United States, Asia, and Europe with local Fabworx employees and trusted distributors and representatives, ensuring that its customers' needs are always met and expectations always exceeded.