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innovative hardware solutions for your semiconductor fab

Fabworx is an Austin, Texas, based design and manufacturing firm specializing in yield and productivity improvement products for 300mm, 200mm, and 150mm semiconductor fabrication customers worldwide. Our talents span a diverse range of disciplines, with special emphasis on process tool robotics and automation. With a fifteen year record of success, our expertise in wafer handling and particle reduction aspects of semiconductor manufacturing allows us to bring unrivaled benefits to our customers.             

Our Focus         


Our Approach   

Our Solution

Wafer handling and hardware-based yield and productivity issues


Collaborate with our customers, develop products to support their needs

Using root-cause engineering, design and manufacture upgraded replacement parts that improve overall tool performance

Committed to our customers, Fabworx provides local support throughout the world via our team of engineers and technicians and our trusted distributor and sales representative global network.
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3700 Thompson Street
Suite 11
Austin, Texas 78702
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